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This website/quiz was entirely created by me, a 71 year old pensioner. It's my way of showing how proud I am to have been born in the greatest country in the world, CANADA!

- I'm old enough to have witnessed history!
- I was born as WW II was ending
- I was a child when Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949
- I grew up in Canada in the 50s & 60s (B&W TV, NO cell phones)
- I was at Expo67 in Montreal in 1967
- I saw the FLQ crisis and TWO Quebec referendums on TV
- I attended the game of the 72 Canada Russia Series in Toronto
- I watched on TV as Canada gained its independence in 1982
- I watched the Oka Crisis on TV
- I have even used a dial-up modem to access the Internet